SISP Company was found in February 2000, and has already established itself as a heavy weight contender and a leader in the Information Technology Circuit SISP has the advantage of using the latest technology.
Thus, this technology and our creative team ensure our clients low cost and highly spohisticated results.

Our company's aim is to bring the vast Web solutions experience we have acquired operating abroad to the Syrian market.
Hence, by doing so we will expand and introduce the Syrian market to the rest of the world and facilitate the proper contactchannels for achieving economic growth and prosperity.

Mouhanad Hubbi
Business Developing Manager

SISP gives you the chance to establish a presence on the Internet by developing your website and hosting it in a short period of time.
Our engaging designs and bilingualoptions attract more people to your homepages.

Solutions for Success
SISP provide a broad range of customizable solutions from basic web and eCommerce hosting to customized software development. SISP is committed to being the IT solutions provider of choice by providing quality product, outstanding service, and exceptional value. Winning continues to depend on the human dimension and the ability to adapt, customize and create a plan of action.

A Unique Vision
Founders of SISP shared a vision for creating a new breed of IT solutions for the Syrian Market, one that would support the hands-on approach required to help small, medium, and large-sized businesses fully leverage information technology. Our solutions were designed specifically to enable a broad range of companies with traditional ties to small and medium-sized business, including VARs, Web developers, system integrators, and communication providers, to deliver a comprehensive set of turnkey web and application solutions. We have achieved milestones in this arena, and we continue to respond to the changing needs of software requirements, and the converging worlds of information management, web-based technologies, and mobile communications. At the heart of our mission, it to enable Syrian companies cross into the New Information Technology Era in a seamless, integrated manner.
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