La Casa
New La Casa for year 2003:
As usual, you can enjoy our varriety of meals and our special enviroment on the sound of music.
In addition to the new programs whereby you can enjoy
the nights on Mondays listening to old slow songs,
and on Tuesdays you can sing along with the songs you choose Karaoke,
and every friday nights you can enjoy a new DVD film.
You can also enjoy a wonderful time on Thursdays and Saturdays. with La Casa Band.
For your information and Reservation:
Tel. +963-11-333 4590 / 333 1288
Fax: +963-11-332 6712

Try the authentic Italian pizza by Pizza New. Now available in Damascus with Italian fresh ingredients prepared according to Pizza new high standards.
Try our fast and free delivery service.
Call 333 8820

Jabri House
This house is situated in the heart of old Damascus among Omayad mosque and Al-Azem plce Anbar house.
It was built in the end of the 17th century, and it is considerd one of the most important and historical facilities Al-Jabri built it at that time and they still live in it up till now. It turned into a restaurant for years ago in order to have a steady income to fix it up.
And one of Jabri family runs it right now
Tel: 541 62 54

Gemini: Probably the best restaurant in town
Tel. +963-11- 20 70

La chaumiere
The restaurant was established in 1975 With the Zasi or Baver decoration the restaurants stop serving the Al Coholic Drinks since 1995.
The restaurant serves the special Syrian and French dishes beside the famous seefood from Syrian coast.
Tel. +963-11-33 38 883 / 093 33 51 00

Al-Tarboush Resturant
The most wonderful thing about (Al-Tarboush) resturant is its Decor and the feeling of Damascene atmosphere in addition to its easteren dishes
Tel. +963-11-611 51 58
Don't hesitate to contact us at:
Damascuse - Syria - P.O.Box: 6854 - Tel. +963-11-33 16 015 / 33 27 665 -Fax: +963-11-33 19 867 - e-mail:

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