Salaheddine Al Ayoubi
A hero and history

King Al Naser Salaheddine yousef ben Ayoub was born in 1137 and grow up in Balbak city where he studied in one of its religious schools, and when he became mature he joined sultan Noreddine service, the ruler of Damascus.

Salaheddine participated in the three campaigns, his uncle Assadudine Sherkoh, against the fatimiun in Egypt in 1167 and 1168, where sherkoh appointed himself a minster, and when he died Saleddine succeeded him.

When Salaheddine settled his power he finish the fatimium ruling and established the Ayoubiyoun family in 1171. he stopped the crusaders and it was the start of the war between the two sides, which continued for 5 years till Hittin combat where he achieved great victor in July 1187 and retrieved back Jerusalem in October of the same year.

Salaheddine confronted Richard the 1st (lion's heart) king of England during the 3rd crusaders war in 1189 where great battles took place without the ability for the crusaders to win back Jerusalem.

Of the age 56 years, he died in March the 4th, 1193 in Damascus after a life full of struggle and great battles he planed and run wisely and powerfully and defeated the crusaders and laboured Palestine.

His shrine is located next to Omayad mosque on the north side in Kalaseh are which was originally part of the the Azzizieh school which established by king Al Aziz Othman Ben Salaheddine, and his remains moved to it in 1195.

A statue of Salaheddine built in November 1992 combining Salaheddine riding his horse with five chevaliers surrounding him inspiring the special relationship between the chevaliers and salaheddine.

The statue height is 7.5 meters and its total weight is 150 tons and took 3 years work from the date of designing.
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