Damascus The oldest city in the world that still inhabited and the capital of Syria, is located on the side of the Syrian Desert, Barada riverbank, and the foot of qasyoun in the heart of a green fertile sopt.

the Arabs consider it God's heaven on earth warbling its beauty, weather and fruits and admired is location between the desert and the mountain, as could never exist without the natural space among eastern Lebanese mountain and Haramoun mountain that allowed clouds to pass and allowed rains and snow to fall and springs to explode performing a river flow from the top of the mountain to the valley bringing good and life that perform what is called Ghouta.

People settled on the riverbank and built the oldest place in history still inhabited till now, that river called Barada called the gold river by the Greeks, and that city called Damascus, the daughter of Barada.

The Great Omayyad Mosque

( Jami Al-Kabir ) is the biggest& one of the finest of the city, which contains about one thousand mosques representing 14 centuries. Built in the time of the Omayyad Caliph Suleiman Ibn Abdul Malek, its notable features are the beautiful square minaret, its prayer niche (mihrab), and the pulpit made of ebony inlaid with ivory.

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