21Mar-20 Apr

Romantic opportunities may not be as they appear> build on the friendships rather than starting out in an intimate encounter. Donít reveal information that is personal or confidential.

21 Apr- 20May

take positive action. Sign up for seminars that will expand your business awareness. You need to find out more if you want to start your own business. Youíre tried of working for someone else.

21 May- 21 June

You wonít want to listen to reason. Donít blame everything on your mate. Your inability to face an emotional problem head-on is the reason that your situation has gotten so bad.

22 June- 22 July

If you evade important issues you may find yourself backed into a corner. Youíre going to look guilty if you donít lay your cards on the table. A series of misunderstandings may be at fault.

23 July-22 Aug

Revenge is never the answer. You are best to work quietly at your own goals and forget about situation that you can do little about. Get on with your life, itís time to make a fresh start.

23 Aug- 22 Sep

Look into projects that you fell would contribute something to your appearance. Donít let children hold you back from doing things that you enjoy.

23 Sep- 22 Oct

focus on forming business partnerships. Donít be too quick to spend money. Serious-minded individuals will be more than interested to back your ideas if you present them with gusto.

23 Oct- 21 Nov

plan your day carefully. Spending too much time talking to friends or relatives could easily turn into a debate that could lead to estrangement

22 Nov- 21 Dec

Look into ways that you can you can better yourself through improving your dietary habits and daily routines. You need to get serious about prolonging longevity.

22 Dec- 19 Jan

Your mind is on moneymaking ventures. Donít get so wrapped up in being rich that you overlook the fact that your plan may not be as sound as you thought.

20 Jan- 18 Feb

You can make favorable changes in your home environment. Donít let others stand in the way of your good judgment. If they donít like the plan then suggest that they contribute a little.

19 Feb- 20 Mar

You can convince others to help you but make sure that arenít giving you empty promise. Get your agreements in writing before you go any further with your plans.
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